Art Deco: the Western Hedonism and the Soviet Romance

  • Elena Bagina Institute of Construction of Ural Federal University named after B. N. Yeltsin
Keywords: interbellum; western art and Art Deco architecture; “lost generation”; hedonism; dasein; the shadow of death; Art Deco in the USSR; romantic illusions; monumental images of stability, abundance and sustainability in architecture


Philosophy, literature, art and architecture of Art Deco appeared in the west during the interwar period and reflected the worldview of the “lost generation”. Art Deco, like a mirror, reflected the spirits that emerged in the society after the World War I and in anticipation of the World War II. In the USSR, Art Deco had quite different ideological roots, while having similar forms and techniques. Romantic dreams of the future fair society needed to be monumentally supported by architecture, which images declared the stability and happiness of existence.


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