The Past Interprets Us

  • Marina Tkacheva V. P. Sukachev Irkutsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts; Union of Journalists of Russia
Keywords: Ya. G. Chernikhov; form-making; avant-garde; art analysis; artistic practice


The basic ideas of Ya. Chernikhov are considered and analyzed by the author of the monograph. Ya. Lisitsina pays special attention to the problem of form-making. She underlines the connection of his ideas with the avant-garde ideas and, at the same time, the difference between them, as well as his absorbtion in the cultural fabric of his time.


Lisitsina, Ya. Yu. (2017). Tvorcheskii metod arkhitektora-khudozhnika Ya. G. Chernikhova:
monografiya [The architect and artist Ya. G. Chernikhov’s creative method: monograph]. Irkutsk: Izd-vo IGU.
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