About the Man Who Built “Sibir”

  • Mark Meerovich RAACS; IAAM; INRTU


The monography by V. G. Lisitsyn “The Irkutsk architect K. V. Mital: from modernism to postconstructivism” presents the first overall study of the professional activity of the Irkutsk architect Kazimir Voitsekhovich Mital, traces his life and creative activity, as well as attributes and thoroughly describes all his projects and realizations. The monography features the establishment and development of the fundamental architectural styles in Irkutsk (modernism, eclectics, constructivism and postconstuctivism). It analyses the peculiarities of the forced transformation of the provincial architect’s professional activity in the period from 1932 to 1938. The research is intended for dedicated specialists as well as a wide audience interested in the history of Russian architecture of the first three decades of the 20th century.


Lisitsyn, V. G. (2016). Irkutskii arkhitektor K. V. Mital: ot moderna k postkonstruktivizmu: monografia [The Irkutsk architect K. V. Mital: from modernism to postconstructivism: monography]. Irkutsk: Izd-vo IRNITU.
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Kazimir Mital; Irkutsk; modernism; postconstructivism; Soviet architectural avant-garde