Wet Stone

  • Alexander Rappaport Union of Moscow Architects; Union of Designers of Russia


There is nothing stronger than stone, but it can be broken by the flow of time and by the flow of water, which proves to be a more
reliable storage of memory than the stone. Storage is a process in time. In stone, this process relates to unchangeability of the
crystalline substance, to constancy. Water, however, is always in the process of recovery and movement. Neurophysiologists came
to the conclusion that memory of living organisms is embodied in recovery processes, but not in untransformable substances. The
main material in these processes is water.
Water running over the surface of the stone changes its visible surface pattern and reveals its hidden beauty. Besides, it provides
information on the history of the formation of the world. The symbol of memory – stone, and the substrate of memory – water in the wet stone remind of the mystery and fragility of existence.

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memory; stone; water; wet stone; mystery of existence