The Icebreaker “Angara”

  • Alexander Dulov


The icebreaker “Angara” is one of the most ancient ships of that kind that still exist in Russia. It was built in Newcastle (England) in 1899 and is now located on the shore of the Irkutsk water reservoir. It is a monument of regional significance. The ship’s technical data make it unique to our country. This monument comprises the age-old traditions of conquering the severe nature, Russian inventors’ innovations, English ship builders’ skillfulness, dramatic events of the Patriotic war, everyday life of Baikal sailors and public struggle for preservation of the best traditions of the past. It is necessary to provide the icebreaker with proper conditions, giving it a status of federal significance.


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Author Biography

Alexander Dulov

Doctor of History, professor of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Pacific Ocean State University (Irkutsk)

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icebreaker “Angara”; Irkutsk water reservoir; monument; museum of history of navigation; military fleet