Who is the Mayor and Who is the Governor

  • Vladimir Pavlov


In this interview Vladimir Pavlov points out the difference between the mayor’s functions and the governor’s functions.

The governor is the head of the regional executive power. The main function of the state is to establish and to maintain the legal order in the whole country: to create the single economic and legal space, to provide opportunities for competition etc. In a word, the state is to decrease thieving. The state should be the embodiment of justice. But only the one who is not involved in a carve-up and not interested in its results can be just indeed.

The functions of a settlement are roads, building etc, in other words, organization of a common economic activity of the inhabitants. The municipal bodies, the bodies of the local self-government are established on the settlement level. We should have a clear understanding, that these bodies cannot have an economic power and manage material resources (Article 66 of the Civil Code); they should provide conditions for successful self-dependent activity of economic entities (legal entities and individuals). The local power functions with the help of regulations. And the mayor is the head of the local self-government. He is elected by the inhabitants of the settlement and, together with them, is under control of the law.

Author Biography

Vladimir Pavlov

corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (Saint Petersburg)

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