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  • On May 32, 1773 the Duke from my favourite film “That Very Munchhausen” said the significant words: “It is amazing… It is amazing how our people harmonize with nature!”

    A bit later almost his fellow-countryman Friedensreich Hundertwasser said that happiness is merging with nature. It is possible to live happily without money. It is impossible to do it without nature. Merging with nature was crucial in the life of this wonderful man, and even in his death.

    We have almost learnt to live without money. But we do not want to live without nature, and we cannot. We asked ourselves a psychoanalytical question: “Would you like to talk about it?” and then answered like...

  • The article presents the discussion of the issues concerning the nature in the city environment. Several measures on recovery and development of the city’s green frame are proposed.

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  • The article features the principles of architectural development and contemporary urban planning projects. It tells about the necessity to identify the city’s ‘growing points’, as well as about an innovative approach to the transport problem in Moscow. The article also discusses designing of a vertical, multi-level city and densification of urban environment. Different alternatives for enlargement of green areas are proposed.

  • The article discusses designing of entertainment and theatre buildings, including theatre auditoriums with low occupant load, and peculiarities of the present-day cultural policy. It considers the possibilities for designing public buildings on the basis of social and cultural modeling and with the help of the system of cultural and welfare facilities. The use of wooden architecture is analyzed through the example of the 130 Quarter in Irkutsk.

  • The article tells about Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who said a prophetic word in architecture of the 20th century, and analyses the sources of his creativity. The architect’s world perception was influenced by the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and Spinoza, as well as the theory of will by Alois Riegl. The philosophy of neo-Thomism was reflected in the structural grammar of Mies van der Rohe‘s architecture, matching the avant-garde and archaic features. Studying the structural grammar can give us some hints toward comprehension of the mystery of his creativity. Unfortunately, none of the architect’s apprentices or followers could gain insight into his philosophy and to create something...

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  • Animate “nature–1” around us is transforming into supported or non-supported by man “nature-2” within the framework of the urban development of town areas. Interaction of town and nature is a bilateral process. Experts underline 4 groups of town planning risks related to the interaction of town and nature: ecological, natural and biosphere, sanitary-epidemiologic risks as well as planning and management risks. The latter is often connected with protest population activities. The magazine is looking forward to readers comments.


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