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  • There are two variants for Russian translation of the English word ‘suburbia’. One of them, ‘prigorod’ (suburbs), has a respectful shade of meaning, typical of the American suburbia within the last decades, when the suburbs were inhabited by the middle class, house-owners and representatives of the well-educated and well-to-do social groups. Calm and regular life in the suburbs close to the earth, clean air and familiar neighbors determined a high cost and a high quality of suburban housing.

    Another variant, ‘okraina’ (outskirts), has a slightly different connotation. We associate it with poverty, lost souls of youngsters, their gangs, as well as drugs and immigrants from the...

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  • Marina Tkacheva, Olga Smirnova, Olga Gutsol, Alexander Dudnev, Anna Grigorieva

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