post scriptum to small

  • Elena Grigoryeva RAACS; IAAM; UAR


The topic of the previous issue, small and historic, stroke a chord with our authors, and rightly so. The precious girth of Russia, as academician Kudryavtsev figuratively calls such cities, demands enhancement of legislation, participation of specialists, involvement of inhabitants. POST SCRIPTUM speaks about the studies of military towns and villages of Siberia conducted by Novosibirsk researchers and about lovely Krapivna, which history and overwhelming landscapes have captured students and professors from Moscow.
Yakutia is a separate topic. Opened this year, the railway line to Yakutsk inspires optimism in regard to the development of northern territories. Let’s believe that this new vital artery works successfully not only for exportation of diamonds, gold and other wealth, but also for importation of everything that really improves northern people’s well-being. We offer to our readers the article about one of the oldest Siberian cities, Olyokminsk written by PB permanent author Nikolai Kradin. And the cold pole of Oymyakon enters a new phase of its development thanks to its recent competition and its winners, the Asadov architects.

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