Kazimir Mital: Constructivist, Social Revolutionary, Stakhanovite ...

  • Vasily Lisitsin INRTU


The article discusses the life and work of the Irkutsk architect K. V. Mital (1877–1938). His fate is both unique and typical at the same time: the son of Polish exiles who found themselves in Siberia was educated in St. Petersburg and, after returning to Irkutsk, made
a brilliant career as an architect before and after the revolution, using the style trends that prevailed in different periods of the first third of the century: art Nouveau, eclecticism, constructivism. Despite the fact that in a certain period of time he had a direct relation to the socialist revolutionary party, in the 1930s he became a sought-after expert who performed important projects and administration and even an architect-stakhanovite. But still, in the end, he was arrested by the NKVD and died in a prison hospital. The article
presents new, previously unpublished facts about K. V. Mital.


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