Thoughts about the Avant-Garde

  • Alexander Rappaport Scientific Research Institute of the Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Branch of the Central Scientific-Research and Project Institute of the Construction Ministry of Russia
Keywords: avant-garde; history; paradoxes; style; heritage; time


The coming 100th anniversary of Bauhaus and VKhUTEMAS brings us back to the meaning of those cultural-historical professional events. Starting from boundless admiration and equally boundless abuse of avant-garde, we are now coming to its semantic basis revealed by the new millennium. There is no sense in waving the national avant-garde, which is demonized and devastated, like waving a national flag. But a new context is gradually coming up. In this context, the avant-garde was the first bold movement towards the new millennium, the age of rethinking of humans, their classes and professions, infiniteness and finiteness of the space, the language, imagination and knowledge.

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