Russian architect V.G. Yuryev in Qingdao

  • Nikolai Kradin RAACS; Pacific Ocean State University
Keywords: United Architects, Mieczyslaw Lembich, architectural education, , mansions, Church of St. Paul, Y. V. Smirnov


The author considers the art of a little-known Russian architect (including his own archival and field research) who worked more than 25 years in Qingdao and who created a huge number of projects and buildings. As a result of the survey of buildings in Qingdao, the author identified more than a dozen buildings designed by V.G. Yuryev, including those preserved up to the present time, such as his own house, the building of the oceanarium, the castle of the newspaper magnate M. Lembich, the Church of St. Paul and other works of the architect. Typological, compositional and stylistic features of the identified buildings are considered in the article.


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