On Provincialism

  • Alexander Rappaport Union of Moscow Architects; Union of Designers of Russia


Provinces demonstrate not only the decline and entropy of cultural values, but also their hybridization. A province is a place of selection of the new. Innovators are usually provincials.Provincial cultural innovations assimilated by the metropolitan culture can conquer it from within. That is why the liberalism of metropolitan cultural activity is usually replaced by the increased aggressive conservatism after the provincial geniuses and
innovators start to raise their heads and throw the fledglings out of their nest.
The provincial cuckoo fledglings are a dangerous attraction for the metropolitan taste longing for diversity. Now it is possible to speak about provincialism independently of geography, merely focusing on the topology of culture itself. A new indistinguishability between a province and a center can be observed today.
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provincialism; culture; center; periphery; geographical capital; cultural capital; cultural innovations; hybridization; conservatism